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In 2018, the Transport Planning and Development Programme at Nottinghamshire County Council were looking to have a new website built aimed for people around the Nottinghamshire area providing information to undertake travel planning in Mansfield, Newark, West Bridgford and Daybrook using public transport.

About the project

With this project, Travel Choice's many aims were:

Users and audience

| Regarding an identifiable audience for this service, Travel Choice hoped to bring benefits to everyone from:

Jobseekers | working with Job Centre Plus in Mansfield and Newark to help people get to and from their new jobs.

School leavers | advising students who wish to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport across Nottinghamshire.

Residents | door to door knocking offering residents personalised travel planning advice.

Employers | offering workplaces free packages to help encourage staff and visitors to reduce single occupancy car use by promoting car sharing, cycling, walking, public transport and ultra-low emission vehicle use.

Travel Choice sent out teams of travel advisers to go door to door to assist local residents with their travel needs, providing advice, information and incentives to people. Much of the information and data collected advised the variety of content that could be accessed through the site.

My role

I was responsible for the design and build of the new website alongside developers.

This took on the form of multiple discussions with the service, initial wireframes and presenting design routes. After discussions with teachers and parents, we determined different user flows and possible user journies that could be taken.

Using Adobe Illustrator/ XD I designed multiple responsive wireframes based on sketches to illustrate user flow alongside Adobe Photoshop visuals and HTML responsive web build.

Brainstorm | Responsive | Wireframe userflow

01 | Homepage design is very visual and incorporates modes of transport through use of icons

Responsive XD mobile mockups for homepage

02 | Cycle mode of transport would highlight different options for cycling routes and provide fun cycle facts

Responsive XD mobile mockups for cycle page

03 | About us page would provide straightforword clear information and use the main search dialog box that runs site wide

Responsive XD mobile mockups for about us page

Colours | Typeface | Branding

Colour schemes | Specific colours utilising logo palette

Looking at colour schemes and branding taking colours from the Travelchoice logo

Typeface | Din was deemed the most appropiate sans-serif typeface to use across the site. It was crisp, clean and tested well with the client and users.

Logo | The colour scheme used through the site echoed the colours within the logo, helping to maintain an engaging, strong and consistent brand.

Din proved the most appropiate sans-serif typeface to use across the site The Travel choice logo

Design | Final pages

01 | Homepage was always going to be colourful and visually appealing, using great photography and colours from the logo

The homepage incorporated the branding and a great use of photography with a busy layout

02 | Modes of transport - The theme of using fun facts and icons runs through the different pages providing a bold appealing look

The cycle page introduced further colours | icons and the use of maps for the user

03 | Modes of transport - The Walking page retains the visual theme going whilst including the option to download walking maps

The walking page and all the modes of transport pages took on similar looks

04 | Residents information page provides useful information and videos with advisors discussing the benefits of the scheme

Residents page was a busy layout with much information

Launch | Impact

Once the site was launched, it was relatively successful with pages being popular in terms of usability and visited frequently. I enjoyed the creative work carried out regarding the UX and design, alongside the collaborative team work amongst managers and the client themselves.

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