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One of the projects I most enjoyed was working on Bomber Command. The website was already live and was an amazing project to be a part of. There was an existing user audience and whilst I worked, I also learnt from inspiring stories from veterans, soldiers, pilots and engineers who all had brave tales to share.

About the project

As mentioned, Bomber Command was already an existing, popular website. I worked on maintaining the site and tidying up existing content, whilst also brainstorming and sketching fresh designs for new pages and sections.

The site was built through a CMS platform so all changes ran through this with a dedicated developer overseeing the project.

Sketches | Designs

| Brainstorming and sketching provided variations of layouts leading to designing efficient, useable solutions

01 | Initial memorial page layouts

Memorial layout early sketchwork

02 | Ongoing layouts for different pages

Ongoing layout early sketchwork

03 | Tablet focussed layouts

Responsive sketch for tablets

01 | Final Memorial layout needed to be very visual and showcase the new Spire and its surroundings

Final Memorial layout built in HTML

02 | Memories final layout presented touching photographs and invited users to read heart warming stories

 Memories layout built in HTML

03 | The Chadwick centre was an ongoing project showcasing photos and 3d mockups of the completed building

Chadwick centre layout built in HTML

01 | The layout to the homepage was always being amended to highlight various events and shows.

Homepage was continually worked on with many variations of sketchwork produced

02 | The end design worked exceptionally well with the great photography and Milestones target information for the centre

Final layout built in HTML

My role

I oversaw the content whilst worked on creating new, user friendly pages and sections for the site. After meetings with the client, we discussed existing plans for new sections regarding a memorial centre. The layouts and design for this section of the site incorporated new photography, helping to create bold content pages.

Alongside new content, I reviewed existing pages looking to make improvements, whether visual or from a usability perspective.

Launch | Impact

Bomber Command had been a live site before I started any work. It has always remained popular with it's users and performed well. The new additions I designed resulted in providing further effective, user friendly sections for the site.

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