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Posters, brochures and illustrations


Serif is a software house that worked in a small team of designers and developers. They produced creative software to design posters, brochures, flyers and newsletters to be used with Serif's in-house software Pageplus, Drawplus & CraftArtist. Times have changed and now these products are legacy apps available for download only.

The company has since rebranded and moved on to successfully develop the Affinity range in October 2014.

About the project

The work produced at Serif was more graphically led and focussed purely on design. It showcases older projects using the legacy apps mentioned.

Design | Illustration

I designed a variety of posters illustrating different levels of artwork begininning with initial vector illustrations through to the introduction of additional elements to produce a final image using Serif's in-house software Drawplus.

01 | Initial base vector drawing.

First stage illustration of 'The Dancer'

02 | Introduction and play with various background elements.

Second variation introducing a textured background

03 | Fine tuning with textures and a wraparound lightband effect.

Further detail adding into the image and background

04 | Final render introducing colour and gradients.

Final render included more colour and detail on multiple elements

Brochure Design | Concepts

I also designed multiple variations of different brochure design, illustrating a Scientific brochure and University campus layout.

Elements | Scientific elemental design.

Scientific cover for prospectus

University | Prospectus front cover.

Modern university style campus layout

University | Feature article layout inside.

Feature page layouts with univeristy prospectus

University | Feature article layout inside.

Ongoing inner page layouts. Clean and simple use of photography

University | Contact page layout.

Colour scheme was kept simple and minimal

University | Cover article minimal layout.

Articles took full use of bold photography and negative space

| Projects welcomed creativity and imagination to produce great layouts and design work

My role

As mentioned, the work at Serif was all graphics and illustrative. I designed brochures, posters, postcards and stationary using vector illustrations all to be incorporated into the software examples folder for potential users to learn and use the product.

Launch | Impact

From the start, Serif's in-house creative software was very popular. I imagine they still have a wealth of users who use the legacy software. The work I produced there was incorporated into the software release allowing new customers to use, amend and create their own templates easily.

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