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Grolsch | Sales and marketing presentation


Working through an agency, I had the joy of producing design work for Grolsch to produce online projects and the sales presentation below. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the full presentation now but can showcase screens that were designed.

About the project

Grolsch used a simple presentation in meetings across the UK and Europe discussing their brand, heritage and success. They required a new, vibrant Sales and marketing powerpoint presentation to replace the old version that would hopefully be more engaging, visual and impactful. Not just a straightforward text heavy presentation.

Using Adobe Suite, animation and video, a presentation was designed and built illustrating key information about Grolsch and it's fantastic heritage.

Screen design

| The thought process behind the design was to keep the presentation as visual as possible, taking advantage of subtle animation and bold, striking imagery

| Title screens retains a crisp and very clean look that is used throughout the different title slides used

Grolsch title screen used at the start of the presentation

| Feature screens incorporate a collage of old advertising photos and heritage photography

Multiple animated feature screens were used to break up the presentaion allowing the speaker to pause for discussion

| Section screens use snippets of interesting information combined with striking photography

Section screens also containsed animation and allowed a pause for discussion

| Feature screens also allow for opportunities to showcase the Grolsch product range

Further feature screens allowed for hero shots of the product

| Another mid-presentation title screen using the crisp, clean look used throughout the presentation

Alternative animated title screens with bubbles rising across the screen

| Product screens are another chance to showcase the range and reinforce the branding

Another useful product screen incorporating informative qoutes

| Informative story screens were used to tell the audience more about the Grolsch heritage and explain the brewing process

A breakdown showcasing the brewing process

| Informative storytelling gave the history and context of the Grolsch brand providing its audience more that just statistical data

The brewing and heritage screens were all animated and contained very useful information

| Further feature screens used illustrations and other storytelling techniques to provide visually led slides

Another visual feature screen providing information on the Grolsch history

| An animated brand screen dissecting the Grolsch logo and showing how it is made up and what each part represents

An animated screen breaking down the famous logo and explaining how it has come together

My role

After discussions with the client, account managers and the digital team, I worked alongside a graphic designer looking at required content and how best to present slides in the most visual way. This included the use of subtle animations that worked well with existing appropriate transitions whilst also using strong imagery.

I used Photoshop and Illustrator alongside animation, working with slide transitions to produce an effective presentation.

Launch | Impact

The feedback from Grolsch was very positive as they were very satisfied with how the new presentation looked and worked. It shed light on the rich heritage of Grolsch whilst also providing audiences much enjoyment with its new visual look and well thought out content. The Sales and marketing team came back on numerous occasions requesting new additional slides designed in similar styles to the new design.

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